School Newsletter – The Wattle View

The Wattleview newsletter is the official publication for the school community and contains important notices and items of interest related to your child’s education and the school community.

Parents are advised via email each Thursday once the newsletter is published on the internet. Hard copies are available on request at the office.

Current and backdated copies of the newsletter can be found below.

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Lunch Orders

Not available at this stage in 2021

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

Camp Australia. Guiding children

Camp Australia – Guiding Children’s Growth

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program.

Camp Australia programs are centred on child enrichment, while ensuring a reliable, engaging and hassle-free OSHC service at our school. Their engaged educators foster a safe, inclusive environment where children can relax, have fun and grow.

Camp Australia. Guiding children

Your OSHC – OSHC that inspires

Your OSHC is Camp Australia’s before school, after school and pupil free day program, tailored to the likes and interests of each child in service. Camp Australia’s educators design enriching experiences to inspire your children’s confidence, independence and imagination. In any one week, they could be participating in science experiments, active play, creative expression and more - they believe in learning through experience so that each child can grow.

Click here to find out more about Camp Australia's program at our school, including hours of operation and fees. To attend care, you must register your child. Register now for free.


For more information on Camp Australia or to enrol visit

Program Contact Number: 1300 105 343


The Wattleview School Council has made school uniform compulsory on all occasions. Our purpose in having a school uniform is to:

  • create a sense of identify and belonging and thus improving morale
  • promote the school through more readily identifiable groups of children
  • remove the pressures of fashions on parents and children

The uniform shop is now open every day by contacting the office.


Current school excursion notices, flyers and permission forms are listed below: