Students, staff and parents will participate in the Annual Walkathon on Wednesday, 21 October.

The route is from school to the Tim Neville Arboretum, Dorset Road, Boronia. Students will walk or run laps around the circuit to raise money for the school from their sponsorship.

This is always a fun and energetic event and everyone is welcome to join us. You can either meet us in the Hall at 9:10 am and walk with the students down to the Arboretum or similarly, meet us down there! It is always great to see the parents walking the laps around the lake with the students and staff too!

Please ensure children have their named hats and water bottles at school on that day.

On their return, the PFA will hand students a nice cold icy pole to cool them down after all that hard walking and exercise.

Sponsorship forms can be returned along with the money raised/donations by the following Friday, 30 October.

Thank you to the PFA for orgnansing this annual fundraising activity.

Looking forward to a wonderful community day!