Parent Involvement

At Wattle View, we believe in strong partnerships between home and school. We encourage parent involvement by welcoming parent helpers in our classrooms, camps, excursions, working bees and sport days. We are supported by a strong and committed School Council and Parents & Friends Association, who work together to build and extend positive links within all aspects of the school and wider community. Please be advised that all volunteering at Wattle View Primary School will require a current Working with Children Check to be submitted to the office. Please view our Volunteer Policy for further details.

School Council

School councils play an important role in all Victorian government schools. The department has developed a range of polices, guidelines and resources to support existing and prospective school councillors to understand their roles, responsibilities, and school council processes. The overarching objective of a school council is to assist in the efficient governance of the school.  A well-informed and effective school council strengthens community confidence in the school and helps to build and secure the school’s reputation.

School councils operate under a legislative framework within the Victorian government school system. They play a key role in:

  • supporting the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.
  • school accountability and improvement processes, and
  • the endorsement of key school planning, evaluation, and reporting documents.

2024 School Council Members

President:   Stuart Minican

Parent Representatives: 
Sean McVeigh, Brigid Minas, Daniel Wong, Gillian Patterson, Lareen McMaster, Rhiannon Minton, Robert Hill

DET Representatives: 
Tracy Wright, Andrew Reardon, Ben McFarlin, Samantha Lockhart

Parents & Friends’ Association

We are well supported at Wattle View Primary School with a ‘Parents and Friends’ that works hard to:

  • contribute to the wellbeing of our school community.
  • encourage the participation of all parents in the life of the school and the education of their children.
  • provide opportunities for parents to get to know each other and to be informed about their child’s school.
  • provide opportunities for parents to extend their understanding of school operations, and general education policy.
  • contribute to proposals on school policy and other educational issues.
  • raise funds for the benefit of the school.

Some of the inclusive events organised by our Parents and Friends include:

  • Mother’s Day / Father’s Day Stalls
  • School Disco
  • Cookie Dough Drive
  • The Colour Explosion
  • Easter Raffle
  • Bacon and Egg Breakfasts

All parents are welcome to attend meetings at 9am in our Staffroom, however, if you can’t commit to regular meetings, please feel free to reach out and support individual events across the year. Meeting dates are below.

Term 1: Wednesday 14 February, Wednesday 27 March

Term 2: Wednesday 7 May, Wednesday 12 June

Term 3: Wednesday 14 August, Wednesday 11 September

Term 4: Wednesday 9 October, Wednesday 13 November

Parents and Friends Email –

Volunteers Policy Review May 2024

Student Voice Team

At Wattle View Primary School, every voice matters! Comprising an elected representative from each class, our Student Voice Team serves as a platform for students to actively participate in shaping their school experience.

Led by passionate educators, this inclusive initiative empowers students to voice their opinions, share ideas, and enact positive change within our school community. Through regular meetings and collaborative discussions, our Student Voice Team members champion initiatives, propose solutions, and advocate for the needs and interests of their peers.

From organizing exciting events to implementing meaningful projects, our Student Voice Team plays a vital role in fostering a sense of ownership and belonging among students. Whether it’s improving school facilities, promoting sustainability efforts, or advocating for diversity and inclusion, our team is dedicated to making a difference and ensuring that every student’s voice is heard and valued.

Student Leadership

Wattle View places great emphasis on leadership and provides opportunities for its students to develop their leadership skills. They are given opportunities to be elected by their peers and teachers to the following positions:

  • School Captains
  • House Captains
  • Arts Captains
  • STEM Captains
  • Audiovisual Leaders

Whole School Assemblies are student-led each Friday to foster confidence and the development of skills in public speaking, good communication, responsibility and organisation. These activities also reinforce and extend the early foundation of social skills learning.

Buddy Program

Welcome to our vibrant school community where connections flourish and students thrive through our innovative Buddy Program!

Designed to foster meaningful relationships and support networks, our Buddy Program pairs Foundation students with a Grade 5/6 buddy,creating a dynamic environment for growth and friendship. This program cultivates empathy, leadership, and respect.

 Through regular activities, collaborative projects, and mentorship opportunities, students not only forge deep connections but also develop essential social and emotional skills. Our Buddy Program goes beyond academic success, emphasizing the importance of empathy, communication, and teamwork in building a well-rounded individual.

 Join us in celebrating diversity, building lasting friendships, and empowering each other to reach new heights. At our school, the Buddy Program isn’t just about making connections; it’s about creating a community where every student has the support they need to flourish and succeed.


OSHC Before and After School Care

Welcome to Camp Australia at Wattleview Primary School!

We are excited to join you on a journey of fun and learning, supporting your child with enriching experiences that Guide their Growth.

Discover Your OSHC Before and After School Care with carefully curated programs that are tailored to the interests of your child that enrich their learning and enhance their school days.

Our Rocketeers Extraordinary Holiday Adventure (Vacation Care) will take your child on an extraordinary journey during the school holidays with over 250 showcase experiences that include team sports and challenges, creative exploration, outdoor excursions and more!

Register your child for free with us today to get started!

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About Camp Australia

Here at Camp Australia, children are at the heart of everything we do. We understand that parents are often juggling multiple things in life, and we want to take the pressure off when it comes to caring for your children. Fostering a safe, inclusive environment, Your OSHC encourages each child to have fun and grow with their peers through enriching and engaging experiences.

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Your OSHC Before and After School Care

From Before and After School Care to Pupil Free Day programs, every activity is tailored to the interests and needs of the children in Wattleview Primary School OSHC. Every week is different and in any one week, children could be participating in science experiments, active play, creative expression and more! We also provide nutritious breakfast options as well as delicious afternoon snacks with a variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients that also meet the dietary requirements of our children. For more information on fees, session times and the map of your service, click below.

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Rocketeers Extraordinary Holiday Adventures (Vacation Care)

With over 250 locations around the country, you’re sure to find a Rocketeers service near you! Offering extraordinary adventures during the school holidays, you can book your child into any school in any program, meaning your child doesn’t need to be attending a particular school to attend our program.

Let your child learn something new, make new friends and HAVE FUN through hundreds of unique experiences! You’ll discover various activities that involve fun team challenges, outdoor excursions, arts & crafts, cooking, coding and many more.

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Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

The Australian government provides assistance to eligible families with the cost of approved childcare. The CCS helps to reduce the fees you pay, before you are billed. This means more money in your pocket, whilst your child enjoys the variety of experiences we provide through Your OSHC and Rocketeers. For more information, please visit the CCS page on our website.

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