Parent Involvement

Our school sees education as a partnership between staff, parents and students. We welcome parent involvement and Wattleview is supported by a strong and committed school council and Parents are Fun Association who work together to build and extend positive links within all aspects of the school and wider community.

Informal participation is also available in areas such as sport days, camps and excursions, working bees and fundraising activities.

Please be advised that all volunteering at Wattle View Primary School will require a current Working with Children Check to be submitted to the office.

Please view our Volunteer Policy for further details.

Volunteers Policy Review May 2024

School Council

The Wattle View School Council plays an important role in setting the long term future for the school and maintaining oversight of the school’s operation. Three of the critical roles of School Council are; developing the strategic plan, approving the annual budget, and setting and reviewing policies.

The School Council is made up of ten councillors:

  • Executive Officer (Principal)
  • 4 DET representatives
  • 5 parent representatives

Reporting to the School Council are a number of sub-committees which are advisory bodies to the school. They report regularly at School Council meetings and provide advice and make recommendations to the School Council which has the final responsibility for decisions.

Sub-committees are open to non School Council members and therefore provide opportunities to involve many people in the school who are not members of School Council. The sub-committees include:

  • Finance
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Education
  • Parents Are Fun Association (PAF)

Parents & Friends’ Association

The Wattle View Parents and Friends Association (PFA) is a group of volunteer and enthusiastic parents who support the work of the school in many ways. Annual fundraising and social events such as Market Night, Trivia Night, the Walkathon and movie nights help to enhance a strong sense of community and provide valuable funds to improve the facilities and resources available to teachers and students.

Why join the Parents and Friends Association (PFA)?

To be an active participant in your child’s education, please consider joining the  Parents and Friends Association (PFA).  We look to our new parents each year to join us with enthusiasm and new energy. Friendships are made by joining the PFA whilst working together for a common purpose.

PFA Meetings are held monthly and are very informal over a cup of coffee as many of us have toddlers. Advance notice of all meetings is included in the School Newsletter.

What do we do?
The PFA traditionally is the major fundraising body for the school. Activities are organised each year to raise money, which is then donated to the school to fulfill requests for extra equipment/resources. Types of social and fundraising activities include:

  • Welcome events for new families each year
  • Family Fun Nights for the school community
  • Stalls for Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day
  • Triva night, Market night and Walkathon
  • Footy Day, School Disco, Family Movie Night
  • General fundraisers (Chocolates, Entertainment Books, etc)


Can’t commit?
We understand that with many other commitments parents cannot always commit to attend all meetings. We are happy to see you when you can make it, or if you are able to help occasionally we can add your name to our “helpers’ list” for particular events during the year. Together we can improve the efficiency of fundraising whilst making it an enjoyable task. At our next meeting we look forward to meeting new members and sharing your ideas to help make Wattle View a great family school.

Junior School Council

An active Junior School Council (JSC) operates at Wattle View. Students are elected from Levels 3 and 4 to this student representative body and meet regularly as a group chaired by a member of staff. These meetings provides a forum for the student body to have say in what happens here at Wattle View and plan events. The JSC is an important component of the Wattle View culture and we place immense value on the contribution made by the JSC representatives.

Representatives from JSC are invited to attend School Council to present their report each month. The role of a JSC representative gives excellent opportunity for leadership experience which we consider a vital element in personal growth for a child’s future.

JSC also takes on a variety of tasks with guidance by staff members, including organising such events as the Anzac Day Ceremony and fundraising for their chosen charities.


Student Leadership

Wattle View places great emphasis on leadership and provides opportunities for its students to develop their leadership skills. They are given opportunities to be elected by their peers and teachers to the following positions:

  • School Captains
  • House Captains
  • Promotions
  • Environmental
  • Specialist
  • Audio Visual
  • Junior School Council – for elected representatives

Whole School Assemblies are student-led each Friday to foster confidence and the development of skills in public speaking, good communication, responsibility and organisation. These activities also reinforce and extend the early foundation of social skills learning.

Buddy Program

Year 5/6 students are paired with a prep child at the beginning of the year and become their special buddy. During the year they do activities together as well as providing a role model. This develops social skills and responsibility in the older children and helps the prep children to settle in and to have a sense of belonging.